About Companion Animal Alliance

The Companion Animal Alliance is a nonprofit organization that has been managing the East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Shelter since August of 2011.

In just seven years, the number of animals saved at the shelter has increased from only 20% to more than 70%. Last year alone, 662 lost pets were returned with their families and almost 5,000 animals found their forever homes through adoptions and our placement partners.  

Our goal is to save every animal we can. We believe it’s attainable, and we continue day by day to implement strategies that are putting this goal within reach. We sterilized over 1,650 community cats at no charge to the public. Our Pets for Life program offers education and much needed medical services (including spay/neuter) in targeted, low-income zip codes, helped over 200 families and 349 pets. And, for the first time in the history of the shelter, we are seeing results from these community programs with decreasing numbers of animals entering the shelter.

Here’s even more exciting news! We opened our doors to our new animal shelter located on the LSU Campus in November 2018. Our new shelter is the first of its kind being located on a college campus. Our new locaton is easier and more convenient for the people of our parish to find the pets they want to welcome into their families. Also, LSU’s vet school students are excited to have the chance to train at the new facility and to heal animals in need.

We believe we are off to a good start. CAA looks forward to becoming a nationally recognized animal shelter of which the Baton Rouge community can
be proud.

Companion Animal Alliance is a 501(c)3 organization. Federal Tax ID #27-120471