Judge is a 2 year old Gooldendoodle hailing from a little dream land called Teddybear Goldendoodles in Alabama. His human, Ellen Palmintier, loved her parents Goldendoodle, Gabby, so much she had to get her very own from the exact same place. His Mutto just like his name & relationship with Ellen is legally binding... "Paw & Order".

Dewayne & Maxx_1s.jpg

What’s it feel like being nominated to be Fur Ball’s King?  This is such an honor! I want to help other dogs find a home as wonderful as my own


Favorite four-legged film or Celeb dog?  All Dogs Go To Heaven


Why do they call you Judge?  Because I was a gift to my human for graduating law school


Worst habit?  I get jealous when my human pets Gabby so I bite Gabby's neck, but it's a love bite I swear!


Favorite treat?  Human food or elk antlers


Best playmate?  My grandparents golden, Gabby


Top trick?  Destroying toys that claim to be indestructible


Those funny dreams where you kick and bark, what are you dreaming of?  Running the fields in St. Francisville & rolling in horse poop!


What do you like most about your Humans?  She lets me snuggle with her & gives great ear rubs


If you had a human job, what would it be?  Seriously... A judge. Obviously!


Favorite thing to ruin?  Stuffed animals or restoration hardware tables