Lady is a 4 year old Shih Tzu who was rescued by her human, Sherry Soileau about 2 years ago. She's a sweet little thing,  with a fun personality & fitting Mutto for her big appetite… "Got Treats?"

Sherry & Lady_1s.jpg

What's it feel like being nominated to be Fur Ball's Queen?  Pawsitively Pawesome


Favorite four-legged film or Celeb dog?  Lady & The Tramp… Of Course!


Why do they call you Lady?  That's what they called me before I met my mommy.


Worst Habit?  I bark, cry & scratch at the door when I see my mommy outside. I do it until she comes & gets me!


Favorite treat?  Anything on my mommy's plate! People food is the best!


Best playmate?  Bentley. He's a yorkie my mommy rescued too!


Top Trick?  Sleep… I'm so good at it.


Those funny dreams where you kick and bark, what are you dreaming of?Food, food & more food!


What do you like most about your Humans?  How they love me unconditionally.


If you had a human job, what would it be?  President of the United States. That way I could sign executive orders protecting the rights of all animals & prosecuting those that Break the Law!


Favorite thing to ruin?  I'm a "Lady", I don't ruin anything! I'm a good girl!