Odie is a 12 year old Schichon originally from Oklahoma with a love for cheese & his human, Daryl Ellis. This ol' boy isn't into new tricks & sticks by his Mutto... "Pet Me, Damnit".

Daryl & Odie_1s.jpg

What’s it feel like being nominated to be Fur Ball’s King?  Meh...


Favorite four-legged film or Celeb dog?  Giggy Vanderpump


Why do they call you Prince?  My brother was an Orange Tabby cat that resembled Garfield


Worst habit?  I have two, dragging butt on mom’s good rugs & biting my nails.


Favorite treat?  Cheese, cheese & more cheese. 


Best playmate?  Ginger & Sugar


Top trick?  Tricks are more for animals, I like going to work & boating with my dad


Those funny dreams where you kick and bark, what are you dreaming of?   I love to chase those squirrels


What do you like most about your Humans?  They include me in everything. I love that they let me sleep between them.


If you had a human job, what would it be?  Financial Advisor. like my dad.


Favorite thing to ruin?  I’m a good boy & I don’t ruin things