Rolex Von Buren is a 4.5 year old German Shepherd born in Germany & bred from a long line of master level Schutzhund dogs. His human, Dr. George Fivgas loves the German Shepherd Schutzhund breed & has owned 2 previously which Rolex is a direct ancestor to! He is a gentle giant but means business when it comes to being king! His Mutto... "Bring it on!"

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What’s it feel like being nominated to be Fur Ball’s King?  A wonderful honor if I can help raise money & awareness so that all dogs have a chance to find a wonderful family like mine.


Favorite four-legged film or Celeb dog?  Rin Tin Tin


Why do they call you Rolex?  Rolex was given to me at birth but my dog mom is a von Buren & my dog dad is a von Stadtfeld so they just happened to like Rolex von Buren best. I would have chosen Patek, like the Swiss watch to match my first name.


Worst habit?  I try to sneak in the bed at night to sleep with my family but my size always gives me away.


Favorite treat?  Prime rib, baby!


Best playmate?  My little buddy Max, the miniature Schnauzer & my 2 little human sisters.


Top trick?  Playing ball. I could catch for the pros!


Those funny dreams where you kick and bark, what are you dreaming of?  Head scratches & belly rubs!


What do you like most about your Humans?  They love me no matter what I do & have given me a home for life.


If you had a human job, what would it be?  President & CEO of the SPCA International. 


Favorite thing to ruin?  Footballs, basketballs, soccer balls… I love the taste of leather!