Rooney is a 4 year old Spaniel Mix from New Orleans whose wonderful human, Ashley Jenkins, spotted on Instagram just over 3 years ago. Her easy going attitude always gets her treats & fits perfectly with her Mutto... "Eat treats, get petted, be happy."

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What's it feel like being nominated to be Fur Ball's Queen?  Awesome!  I think it'll be fun, as long as they don't try to put me in pink ruffles or fluffy stuff.  Diesel, my brother, would never let me live that down. 


Favorite four-legged film or celeb dog?  Brian Griffin from Family Guy


Why do they call you Rooney?  Cuz that's my name ;)  I was Rooney before they met me, and they didn't want to confuse me by changing my name.  My humans are nice like that.


Worst habit?  I bark non-stop super early in the morning, My humans get annoyed but clearly I have something important to show them... like a bird on the front porch.  Or street kitty.  One day, I will get street kitty!


Favorite treat?  Peanut butter. 


Best playmate?  My big brother, Diesel.  He acts like I annoy him, but I know he loves me. Otherwise, he would have eaten me a long time ago.


Top Trick?  It's a secret trick, so don't tell anyone, but I like to open the back door with my paw. It has to be cracked a tiny bit, but when no one's looking, I open it right up with my fluffy little paw. My humans would be impressed if I ever let them see me do it, but I don't want them to feel like they're not needed. 


Those funny dreams...what are you dreaming of?  Rockin' out with my band on the Gentilly Stage at Jazz Fest!


What do you like most about your humans?  Mom and Dad are a little selfish with their food, and they give me too many baths...other than that, I love everything about them.


If you had a human job, what would it be?  Rock Star


Favorite thing to ruin?  Clean floors.  Every time I run inside, a tornado of leaves follows.  Sometimes I roll around in the leaves right before I run inside.  I think my humans like it, though, because then they get to use the vacuum.  They vacuum at least once a day, I think it's their favorite thing to do!